Camo and Stars
Examination II
 Gouache on collaged paper  12 x 11.5 inches
High Dive
High Dive II
In the Air
Examination of Exam
Time Trials
(a) Dad + Community Garden Patch
Night Garden
Day Garden
Slight distraction
Thinly Knit Sweater
What's in your pocket
Me (Shirt)
Sad Painting
Down the rabbit hole
Drake and cereal and eggs and feeling shlumpy
Still shlumpy in the kitchen
Getting Desirable II
I started this painting pre-election and finished it post-election
Getting Desirable
I only go on Tinder during one very specific time of the day
Summer Haircut
Finding the source of the ants
I was never good at this
Sexy Painting
When is the right time?
Morning Scroll
Scrolling before bed
Night Terror
Ideal State
Chillin on the floor, looking out the sunny window, honoring one of your favorite body parts
Staying updated on the apocalypse with Sam during the road trip
Don't get grass stains on those sweet white new balances but you do have to keep an appropriate level of "feigned apathy filth"
America's Pastime
Texting Position
Night Change
Midnight Glow
The Embarassment
Portrait of the artist looking very dramatic looking out at the stars but actually she's just waiting for her Uber
Scott and Rianne (commission for the short film "Bloom")
Reaching for a bagel on the morning commute
Leaning against a pole at night scrolling through your phone waiting for Kristin the Uber driver
Sam at a gas pump
Wading through the creek to get back to your pants
Sleeping Manspreader on the T
Putting my eyeballs in (contacts)
End of the day
Everybody Does It
Some people get in and THEN turn on the water
Hello Mister Kitty yes hello let me pet your kitty butt ok that's fine maybe next time
Putting off getting dressed after showering
The Morning Once-Over
It's hot af
Morning stretch
Tired as hell
A pidgeon's eye view of the artist's T frustration (Alternative title: "T Bird")
I hate this ubiquitous mug so I made a painting about it
Portrait of the Artist with Monster.Com: An Unrequited Love Story
The artist Netflixes and Chills with herself
Fitting Room I
Fitting Room II
Fitting Room III
Fitting room IV
Watching a movie, leaning against a friend
Walking Home Alone
Alone in a new city and your GPS isn't working and you have a sunburn
Swimming Hole
Bernie no bull
When the channel is changed without your permission
Nature's gift
Gotta make that tan line go away somehow
Spring rain/Winter legs
Lying on the asphalt, a plane passes overhead
Night Rider
This is what Trump thinks of you
Retail life
Naked Texting (Not the sexy kind but the "I'm a lazy slug" kind)
Sitting in my chair, wearing various accidental patterns
The artist finally gets her mattress delivered
Portrait of the artist
Sneaking a peek
An old photo from an old vacation shows up on the floor
Lying in bed fully clothed before heading off to work
Backwards commute, or the way back home
Watching the debate alone and in the dark like a scary movie
Scenes from your friendly neighborhood gay bar
Portrait of the artist and her friend melancholy about the fact that their cheese plate is finished
First coffee of the new apartment+unpacking forever+nothing to sit on yet
Happy Place
Boring things on the floor
The artist as an egghead about to shower
Two Girlfriends Pimple-Popping in the Shower
Gallery Openings
Shaving Sam's Head
Snowy for Web.jpg
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